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  • Jumana Shoukry-Boulos

13 reasons why you should embrace Branding

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

1. "Modern marketing today is based on the art of brand building: unbranded, the product is nothing but a commodity sold for the lowest price”. (David Aaker, a professor and Branding Guru).

2. Effective branding can promote recognition for your business.

3. A brand makes you stand out from the other competitors & enhance your added value.

4. A brand allows you to charge a more high price.

5. Brands Form A Stronger Customer Bond and engagements.

6. Consistent brand Confirm credibility & trust.

7. A powerful brand yields high consumer loyalty

8. A brand can clearly deliver the message.

9. Excellent branding generates referrals & viral marketing.

10. Prominent brand Motivate the buyer to make a purchase.

11. A strong brand creates additional opportunities for expansion with low investment

12. The outstanding brand creates a barrier to entry of new competitors into the market.

13. Branding can leverage your business and lead to profitability and success.

Conclusion : Great Branding Matters, so…lets go Big.



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